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RISA KUMON Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Cover)

0 0 Dec 20,2017

今回のカバービデオは”Have your self a merry little Christmas” をソウルフルにアレンジ💚この曲は73年前の1944年にミュージカル映画「Meet me in St. Louis/若草の頃」のテーマソングとしてヒットした今も愛され続けているクラシッククリスマスソング🎄✨✨この時代ではまだ珍しいカラー映画ということと、四季を通して移り変わるファミリーの背景を見せたストーリーを含め、アメリカでは公開当時、戦争の暗い世相に疲れた人々の心に優しく響いたそう✨

I decided to release a video for my cover of “have yourself a merry little Christmas”. This song was written for the MGM musical Meet Me in St. Louis in 1944 and still to this day it’s sung every year. This song was originally written about family having hope and persevering through a ruff time during the 4 seasons. I love this song because it’s real and speaks on what I think Christmas is about! Being with your loved ones and celebrating life, love and appreciating these precious moments. I decided to arranged this song and sing it my way so I hope you all enjoy! You can watch the full version on my YouTube page (YouTube.com/singerrisa) Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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